Friday, December 23, 2011


My first photo editorial! This was taken months ago but due to school work, I didn't have the time to edit them. But since it's the holidays, I guess now would be the perfect time to actually show it. :)

Achromania is a combination of achromatic and mania. Achromatic since these are black and white photos and mania I guess because the presence of colors makes it confusing whether they can really be considered as B&W photos. Also, the choice of clothing is not necessarily for men; it's more of a combination of men's and women's clothes to achieve a sense of androgyny and equality. 

Special thanks to Lois for helping me out with this one and Joma for modelling for me! And to some of the 2AD1 peeps for letting me use their studio time. :)) Thank you!

P.S. Make sure you click on the photos to see them high-res!

Monday, November 7, 2011

PFWSS2012 Day 2

My second day of watching PFW SS2012 has been pretty much a breeze compared to watching the Michael Cinco show (which was stressful since I was late). Thanks to Joma, we were able to get front row seats and  obviously, better photos of the clothes. The show of Arnold Galang, Gerry Katigbak and one of my personal faves, Jun-Jun Cambe, was one that I would never miss. Their shows were always exciting and interesting at the same time. I'm always curious as to what these designers would be showing next. Arnold Galang's collection took me by surprise since his last collection involved lots and lots of prints. However, for this season, he opted for solid, monochrome colors. Gerry Katigbak's collection reminded me of a toned-down Prada collection (the one with solid colors and stripes). But Jun Jun Cambe's collection was one of my faves! I would describe it as Shanghai on drugs; oriental prints in bright and flashing colours. And of course, the highlight was when Marina Benipayo went out bedecked in a sheer ensemble and a gold crown. Only she can do a finale like that! A fitting to end to a truly fabulous show.

For that day (more like the whole PFW), I opted for a more simple look, unlike the ones I used to sport back then. Gone are the leather, fur and leggings. Hello polos and chinos! Wore chinos from Topman, polo from Ralph Lauren, cardigan from Mom (haha), Marc Jacobs Canvas Tote and my fave Play Comme des Garcons. And of course! Instead of wearing the typical black bow tie, I got the limited ed. black bone tie from OS Accessories. It's seriously cool and it just goes with anything.Seriously. 

Joma's wearing a vintage red blazer (that looked straight out of Jun Jun Cambe's collection haha)with a denim top and kahki pants from Zara, belt from Dorothy Perkins and accessories from both Aldo and Forever 21.

The brother's wearing a polo from H&M and work clothes. HAHA But they are fabulous work clothes, I think. 

I'll be posting more PFW shiz for the next couple of days. Then maybe after that, I can resume regular programming. :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Jun Jun Cambe SS2012

Jun Jun Cambe is one show that is always sure to be opulent and grand. Titled as Xianzai which means now, it featured Oriental inspirations combined with Cambe's signature style. Opulent pieces ranging from sexy minis to full length dresses worked their ways down the runway as crowd ooh-ed and aaah-ed with each piece. Some pieces featured prints in traditional China colors while some were Pucci-esque with floral prints. It was like see Shanghai under Ecstasy or LSD. Purely euphoric and undoubtedly an experience that will get you high. And with Maria Benipayo closing the show in her ever graceful and majestic presence, Jun Jun Cambe's show will leave you addicted and wanting for more.

Gerry Katigbak SS2012

Gerry Katigbak's new collection comprised of blocks and stripes: all in different sizes and colors! It was very sporty and and included some pieces that are sure to catch the attention especially when worn in the beach. His collection somehow reminded me that of Prada a few seasons back. Both played with stripes and colors. However, Gerry's version was translated in sporty pieces which would definitely fit in my closet full of stripes. And the white blazer with the seal was just summer perfect! And the bakya shoes are sure winners too. There were roomy bags perfect for those lazy days were you can just stash all the essentials into one roomy bag. This collection definitely made me feel so excited for summer!

P.S. the chicken shoes were just so cute! Very quirky!