Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Higher Respect for Local Films

Last Monday, I was invited to attend a press conference of a local film that was participating in the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival this year. I not being entirely a fan of local films (Unfortunately. Yes, I know, it sucks) wasn't really all the more excited about this since I would be coming from school on a Monday. And I"ll be going there during the rush hour. On a Monday. In a taxi. So help me God.

Ranting aside, I decided to go because firstly, I have never attended a press conference before, and secondly, it's for a local film. I haven't been really exposed that much to the Philippine film industry that much so I was hoping tat this conference may change something about that. The thing with me is I seem to have inherited our society's colonial mentality; especially when it comes to media and entertainment. I'm willing to change that, of course. I'm starting out with my fashion choices. Local media is naturally the next step so yeah. Here it goes.