Monday, February 25, 2013

Beautiful Creatures: A Review

Being another one of those "from the books to the big screen" type of movies, I expected Beautiful Creatures to be another cheesy shot at a mortal falling madly in love with some magical creature with the wiping-out of the human race or a the take over of a new world order as a result of the said love affair. Watching Twilight proved that idea of mine. However, it seems that not all movie adaptations of best-selling novels that are focused on supernatural love are bound to suffer the same fate that the Twilight saga had endured. Or even the romance of a mortal and a magical being: a vampire, a zombie, a wizard, or  a witch. In the eyes of the public, it seems that if a movie is about something human and supernatural that became somewhat involved with each other romantically, it's bound to be a cheesefest complete with cheesy lines, cheesy characters, and cheesy endings. If you ask me, I'd rather have loads of cheese on my popcorn. Fortunately for Beautiful Creatures, that wasn't the case.

Never under judge a book by its cover. Or in this case, the poster, the trailer, and the ads for the movie. Seeing it in cinema lobbies, I told myself that I'd prolly be watching it when it hits HBO. But when I got the chance to see it, it was totally different from Twilight. Well, not too different. But different in the sense that it's actually good. It's no Titanic, yes. But we have to give the film credit for portraying teenage romance in a way that didn't squeeze cheese every scene. Moreover, some of the scenes were actually relatable, credible, and cute; something you don't see that much in magical love stories. Beautiful Creatures gives supernatural teenage romance a good name, or at least a better one than the entire Twlight Saga offered, said one critic. 

My personal judgement? It's a movie worth watching, yes. It's definitely not the best. But not all films have to be. The storyline is good. There's a lot of things to be improved. The director could have played more with the story but unfortunately, the potential wasn't fully utilized. But that doesn't give you an excuse not to watch it. 

And Emmy Rossum's there. You cannot miss out on Emmy as a dark witch. I can guarantee that.

Definitely a 7 out of 10. Not bad. Not bad at all.