Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Soleil Bazaar 2012

"Beach parties, bright bikinis, chiseled abs, fashion pomps, outdoor sports, sun tans & Henna tattoos. Get ready for the hottest summer bazaar yet!

Soleil was first held on February 2010 at the Rockwell Tent with over 2000 shoppers. With a well established reputation beyond DLSU, the Business Management Society aims to continue the legacy.

This coming February 25 to 26, 10am to 9pm, Soleil returns once again at the SM Megatrade Hall 2. Be a part of this momentuous event!

Interested to be a tenant? Please contact. Monique Villanueva at 09175195011 or Mary Anne Lu at 09228484480. One call is what it takes - we take care of the rest!

Guys, be sure to check out Soleil this coming February 25-26 at the Megatrade Hall 2 at SM Megamall. It's gonna be an awesome shopping experience for sure! Definitely lots of stuff for this coming summer. See you there!

Manila Adventures: Binondo Boy

The brother asked me to get something from the office in Binondo so I went there. Since I don't have classes and I was extremely bored at home, I thought of having one of those "photowalks" that they call. Hell, I'm no photographer, that's for sure. But I like taking photos, definitely.

When I got to Binondo, I realized some things. One is ang daming Chinese! GOSH. I'm so sorry for being dumb but yeah, so much Chinese people. So that's why it's called China Town. HAHA Silly me. And anothe r thing that struck me is the amount of banks they have there. There are soooo many banks! Truly a business district, I see. And finally, there seems to be an amazing amount of power lines and cables suspended everywhere. AS IN EVERYWHERE. Kinda scares me. But it makes for good photographs. HAHA.

What I wore:

Striped shirt from Topman.
Bleached denim polo, found it in the closet. I don't even know how it got there. LOL
Acid wash jeans, thrifted! And for Php 50, san ka pa? HAHA
Dad's old Bally shoes
Accessories from Divisoria

I also got these stuff from Eng Bee Tin coz my mom told me they're good. I got the Tikoy Roll Peanut flavor, Ube and Pastillas hopia and Ube Mochi! The ube mochi is seriously to die for! As for the ube and pastillas hopia, it's really good. Pero mauumay ka agad. HAHA It's masarap in ample amounts. But don't eat too much of it though. As for the Tikoy Roll, it's good. Too much filling for my taste. But yeah, it's good.

Will definitely go back to Binondo soon! Lots more tikoys to try! HAHA

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Manila Adventures: Head Over Wheels

Outfit details: 

Blazer from the mother

V-neck from Zara.
Shorts from Alan Perry (yep, got it for Php 150 in Divi! Score!)
Shoes from Sperry
Bag from Wade
Sunglasses from Pretty and Perfect Closet

So today, I went to SM Centerpoint for a completely shallow reason: to buy some whitehead removers for my nose. HAHAHAHA Seriously, I did. But I really had nothing to do all day and thank God Ryan met up with me even if I had to wait for a long time. Brought the camera for no reason and I'm quite thankful that I did. 

And can I just say? GOOD LORD! The traffic in Sta. Mesa right now is unbelievable! Thanks to the shooting of The Bourne Legacy, some roads are blocked and lots of people are snooting around the set. Gosh, so annoying. But it' good that our country's getting some attention, I guess. Oh well, more power to our tourism! 

I'm thinking if I should get a Lookbook account. I dunno, I was just thinking. Should I? Pang-Lookbook na ba ang photos? Chos.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Uniform Diaries: India Down Under

Sunglasses from Pretty & Perfect Closet.
Old blazer from mom's closet. Yes, it's my momma's.
Harems from H&M.
Bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
Watch from Aldo.
Accessories from Divi and Quiapo.

February 2, 2012. This is what I wore to school today. Instead of wearing the usually boots and skinnies, I opted for something flowing and Indian for a change. Definitely more comfortable. And airy! Gosh, feeling ko naka-skirt ako sa sobrang luwag! Not that I'd wear skirts though. But yeah, it's very liberating. Mala-Indian MC Hammer lang ang peg.HAHAHA.

Anyways, I had only one class so I chose the small Marc by Marc Jacobs bag aka my "stash-everything-in" bag. It's roomy and uncomplicated! Gosh, unlike some of my other bags. Parang mag gubat sa loob! Also, I wore the velvet brogues with the patent leather toe caps. Very Lanvin! But it's a bit old so it somehow lost its shine along the way.

The blazer here is made of light wool. Not the heavy ass types they use in regular blazers. It's a bit warm but hey, tiis ganda lang! It was quite sunny outside so I had to wear sunglasses. Even indoors. CHOS! Bawas pakita din ng eyebags thanks to sleepless nights.

As for the accessories, same. Divisoria and Quiapo. The watch is from Aldo and I'm totally in love with it.

In other news, I'm officially running for President for the CFAD Student Council next year. I have lots of ideas already and maybe one of them is to lighten up our college's rule on our uniforms. Maybe, just maybe, we'll welcome skinny jeans and sneakers next semester! Of course, that is, if my collegemates will vote me. :)