Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Higher Respect for Local Films

Last Monday, I was invited to attend a press conference of a local film that was participating in the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival this year. I not being entirely a fan of local films (Unfortunately. Yes, I know, it sucks) wasn't really all the more excited about this since I would be coming from school on a Monday. And I"ll be going there during the rush hour. On a Monday. In a taxi. So help me God.

Ranting aside, I decided to go because firstly, I have never attended a press conference before, and secondly, it's for a local film. I haven't been really exposed that much to the Philippine film industry that much so I was hoping tat this conference may change something about that. The thing with me is I seem to have inherited our society's colonial mentality; especially when it comes to media and entertainment. I'm willing to change that, of course. I'm starting out with my fashion choices. Local media is naturally the next step so yeah. Here it goes.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Before & After: Fixing my Sunglasses

If there's one thing in the world I'm pretty much obsessed about, it's eyewear. Classics to be more particular. But when these pieces take their share of distress and toll, damage is inevitable, of course. Don't fret though, there's always something you can do to fix it and even improve it! So I scoured the streets of Quiapo to find an optical store that can actually fixed mine. The price for new lenses is usually 400 bucks But if you bring 4 or more, they might actually discount you! I got each pair for 300 bucks repair fee. And if you look better than I do, you might actually find a place that might have lower prices! Just go and check it out there in Quiapo!

I had this clear Clubmaster for a while now. I got it from a vintage store in a bazaar I went to. But the thing is, I wanted a pair of Clubmaster's that's tinted. Since I wanted those Ray Ban's, I had this pair tinted with a dark shade. At the rate my allowance is going, I simply don't have enough to buy my own Ray Ban's. So I guess this will do. For now, though. HAHA

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Printed Matters

I recently got 3 polos from a recent thrift shopping spree due to sheer boredom. Prior to that though, I was able to read in a magazine that printed polos are becoming a trend. Not that I haven't noticed it. I've seen lots of men wearing printed shirts that look so dapper and chic! Minus the floral ones worn by a particular ex-mayor of Manila though. However, that didn't stop me from trying to pull off the trend.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wrangler Fall/Winter 2012

Fall/Winter 2012 Campaign
Find Your Edge – Boundless Traveler

August 2012, Philippines Wrangler leads you to explore a boundless adventure with a new-found freedom and energy by introducing its new advertising campaign, “Find Your Edge – Boundless Traveler” in the Fall/Winter of 2012.

The Boundless Traveler demonstrates a free spirit on the open road who knows no boundaries. It is about exploring, feeling alive, going on adventures, and embracing unlimited possibilities.

The Wrangler Fall/Winter 2012 campaign is the story of two people who travel together from morning till night. Fuelled by the adrenalin rush of discovery, they are always on the move and eager to explore their next destination with functional yet edgy outfits for every journey.

It begins with the colors of sunrise – a gradient of colors from red, orange to blue – inspiring the journey. Early Risers travel in style and comfort with bright-colored tops and lightweight denim bottoms, which evoke a modern vintage look. Layer with scarves and jackets to serve as protection throughout the travel.

Modern, functional and utilitarian outfits are the best companion on the way to the Boundless City. Throw on a cape or a jacket, with details such as zips and strings, in navy blue, viridis and biking red. Pair them with Wrangler’s packable reversible series, cargo shorts, organic denim and acid wash jeans.

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As evening unfolds, neon lights start to dominate the city at Midnight. It’s time to dress up, hit the road and party with hints of metallic and shimmer to stand out from the crowd.

Anchored by its denim heritage, Wrangler aims to create contemporary outdoor looks fit for travelers.

Check out the Wrangler Fall/Winter 2012 collection at Wrangler boutiques and leading department stores nationwide!

Here are some more photos of their campaign:

About Wrangler

Wrangler is one of the biggest denim brands with hundred years of denim heritage. Founded in 1904, Wrangler was originally named Blue Bell, and rooted as a work wear company specializing in Overalls. In 1947, the name Wrangler was born, which means “working cowboy”. Since then, Wrangler has delivered denim innovation and authentic craftsmanship, and stayed true to its devotion to denim history.

For more information about Wrangler, please visit

Check them out also on Twitter and Facebook!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ignite at Il Terrazzo

 The night was started by Gino Quillamor of RX 93.1 as host of the night.

 And of course, one of the main reasons I came: DJ David Callum! He's just divine.

 The crowd. Lots of awesome people!

 I swore not to drink that night. Unfortunately, I'm easy to pressure and my excuses are lame. This was already my 3rd shot. HAHAHA.

 With my forever date, Nicole Santos. Yihee.

Bloggers! L-R: Mikki, Rovie, Angel, Nicole, Catch (so red! haha) and I.

 A really happy photo with this gorgeous girl, Rachelle!

 Me with Catch, Angel, Verge, and Nicole

The party was seriously awesome! Rachelle seems to think so too!

Last August 24, I went to Il Terrazzo's Ariato for Ignite Il Terrazzo, an awesome launch of the newest lifestyle hub in Quezon City. I came straight from my class so my outfit wasn't exactly the most prepared. Nyaha. It was my second time to go to Il Terrazzo that night. The first time was a few months ago, when we had to look for some place to eat in Tomas Morato. The good thing about Il Terrazzo is that it has a lot of establishments that offer a wide variety of services ranging from fine dining, fitness, technology, event venues, and so much more! It truly is a lifestyle hub of different sorts, all rolled into one.

As for the party, it was simply amazing. We arrived by 9:30 PM; by that time, there were only a few people. But come 10 PM, more people arrived and that's when the fun really started! And to add to that, the simply divine music hunk, DJ David Callum, arrived to start spinning! Gosh, heaven, you guys. 

Went home a bit earlier than the others; but definitely not as sober. HAHAHA 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Into The Woulds

Yesterday, the family and I went to Tagaytay to make the most of the long weekend that started last Saturday. It feels great to be able to roll down the windows of the car and not smell the smoke that usually greets my nose in Manila. Ah, the smell of fresh pine trees; it's euphoric, really. And the great thing about going out of town is the dressing up part! Since it's a bit colder up there, I donned something thicker and cozier than I usually would in the city. I wanted a no-fuss look so I grabbed my favorite striped sweater and brown pants (my other jeans were in the laundry nyahaha), to my regret, a pair of white sneakers from Converse x PLAY CDG; my personal favorite. 

We went to Picnic Grove and expected lots of people to be there. True to our expectations, hoards of people went around in groups. It was actually hard taking an outfit shot since there would always be photobombers everywhere. HAHA. But really. And the last time we were there, we really got good shots. Check here! However, when we got to the same place, we found two lovers laying in the grass where we were suppose to take photos. Awkward. Really. In the end, we had to look for another place. We found somewhere really nice but... would we do it?

It really was a question of will power since it was somewhere risky; the perimeter of the forest grounds were fenced and it was incredibly slippery. Would we do it in the woods? I guess to be able to do great things, one would have to go out of their comfort zone, take risks, and just do it. Worked for us. Really nice photos, don't you think?

Would you do what it takes to do great things? Even if it was as simple as taking a good outfit shot.

Would you?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pacific Chic

I know this post is basically not in season since it's technically raining all over Manila at the moment. However, I think a nice reminder of how awesome the sun is might be good for everyone! I had these outfit shots last summer. But for some reason, my laptop refused to show it to me until now. Weird, I know.

We went to this obscure beach somewhere in the Quezon province during our stay there last April. As you can see, it was gloriously sunny that day and wearing pants was just not an option. So I did the usually unthinkable; and that's to wear shorts! I never wear shorts when I go out. I have hideous legs. Really. I'd like it snuggled under breath-restraining skinny jeans usually. But since the occasion called for something more relaxed, I had to let that go and do my thing. Nyahaha. And I totally not regret it!

The shirt is a favorite of mine. It's a shirt from a collaboration between Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons and PLAY x Comme Des Garcons. It was originally long sleeves but I didn't like it so I had the sleeves cut off. Also, the blue and white stripes just got me! Shorts are from Ralph Lauren, straw hat from Zara, gold aviators from Divisoria (ha! Cheap yeah!) and bag is obviously from Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

Hope this post brings some sunny cheer to your rainy days!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Mustache You A Question

As we all know, the monsoon winds and rains have been heavy upon us for the past few days. What I thought would be an awesome week of no classes and fun was only met half-way. Yep, we didn't get classes. But fun wasn't there either, sadly. Luckily for me, (and a vast majority of us, I believe) there was a roof above my head, food on our table, and my family's been with me through the whole ordeal. Others are a bit unluckier. Floods ravaged most of Metro Manila and along with it, the things that many people hold dear. 

They say every cloud has a silver lining. It's true in most cases; just like this one. It's funny how it takes one disaster to unite our country men to move and help out each other irregardless of social standing and class. I've seen people from all walks of life moving together, no prejudices, to help out others in need. I think a new twist to a common saying is needed: "Divided we fall, United we stand".

In the spirit of helping, all is not good news. As sad as it is, there are some people who take the opportunity to give more credit unto themselves than what they actually deserve. Using these times of calamity as a platform for popularity and fake integrity is a bit disturbing. No offense, but I've seen people seemingly shout out to the world that they're helping. I mean, it's not a bad thing. I guess it would be ok to get some credit for the good things you do. But that wasn't the case. I've seen people tweeting fake reports, wrong images, false news, and more other things that actually cause more distress than help. Tweeting images from Ondoy's time just to get 50 retweets? Spreading news about a widespread Meralco black out? Not cool man.

Forgive me for the harsh observations. But you can never deny these things. I applaud anonymous donors who give out without acknowledgement. It doesn't make them any greater than the people who also give out. However, it does make the sincerity of the help given much more believable.

How about you? Did you help out of sincerity? Or out of popularity?

I mustache you this question.

This is merely an observation. A cloud of thought that's been bugging my brain for the past few days. I mean no disrespect to anyone.