Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Before & After: Fixing my Sunglasses

If there's one thing in the world I'm pretty much obsessed about, it's eyewear. Classics to be more particular. But when these pieces take their share of distress and toll, damage is inevitable, of course. Don't fret though, there's always something you can do to fix it and even improve it! So I scoured the streets of Quiapo to find an optical store that can actually fixed mine. The price for new lenses is usually 400 bucks But if you bring 4 or more, they might actually discount you! I got each pair for 300 bucks repair fee. And if you look better than I do, you might actually find a place that might have lower prices! Just go and check it out there in Quiapo!

I had this clear Clubmaster for a while now. I got it from a vintage store in a bazaar I went to. But the thing is, I wanted a pair of Clubmaster's that's tinted. Since I wanted those Ray Ban's, I had this pair tinted with a dark shade. At the rate my allowance is going, I simply don't have enough to buy my own Ray Ban's. So I guess this will do. For now, though. HAHA

 This pair I got from a thrift store somewhere. I assume this pair came from an old man (and a really old man at that) since the grade of the lenses were insanely high! If you put them on, I bet you'd see the other side of the world. Crazy, I know! Kidding aside though, this particular pair came across to me as a something that would look real awesome with clear lenses instead of tinted ones. I had the lenses replaced with a pair that doesn't have grade. Yep, no-grade glasses. Hipsters everywhere, rejoice!

This, by far, is one of my favorite pieces. It's like a cat's eye; only more masculine, I guess. I also saw a pair of Giorgio Armani's in this style . I also love how it's really big. Not big enough to cover my marvelous face (Ok chos lang yung marvelous face hahaha), but just enough to give of some sort of authority. Think Anna Wintour circa 1990's; younger and boyish. HAHA. Anyways, I used it so much, the left lens cracked. Haven't used it ever since. So I had it fixed and added a darker tint to it. Why so? So I could stare at people and not be seen staring at them. Hoohaa!

I got this pair for 250 bucks at a  recent bazaar. And by recent, I mean months ago. HAHA. Crazy how time flies. I got it without checking for the lenses. If you look at the right lens on the before photo, there is a square at the bottom right that's lighter than the rest. It looks funny when I wear it, honestly. It's like a patch of white spot that I forgot to retouch. Anyhoo, I had it replaced with a darker tint for the same reason as the sunglasses before it. It pays to see your dose of hot people without catching you stare at them. Naks.

"I can't say enough about the importance of sunglasses. They protect your eyes, keep you from squinting, and prevent the need for Botox in the future. And they make you look like a movie star. What more do you want? It's always transforming"   

                                                                           - Carson Kressley, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Boys, (and girls), the gays know the stuff. Yep, we know what we're talking about so stock up on your sunnies!


  1. what store and which street in Quiapo did you have these fixed?

  2. Hello! Saan sa Quiapo? Kase may ipapagawa sana ako.. Ilang buwan ko ng problema kase ito e.. Huhuhu!

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