Saturday, March 31, 2012

Annuale Live 2012

Last March 28, I got invited to watch SDA's Annuale Live 2012. The show featured SDA's most promising talents in different fileds such as production design, dance, music, fashion design, animation, and lots more. It was truly a great show! Really! And it's quite amazing to see what other art schools can offer. 

There was never a dull moment. It's more of a variety show actually! And you never know what's next. It was a dance number, then a choir presentation then a film showing then something next! What really struck me was that it was a celebration of talent; something we don't see very much in CFAD. You can totally tell how they have no artistic limitations.

People who know me very well are aware that I wanted to shift to CSB but I feel like I wanna finish my course here in UST first. CSB SDA's atmosphere is more appropriate for artists. I dunno, there's something in their air. You can easily express yourself there without getting your ID taken. LOL. But then it had me thinking.

I just wish CFAD was more artistically understanding.  I hope CFAD becomes a place where you can foster creative growth and not restrain it.

As for the show, bravo, SDA! Bravo indeed. 

Now when will CFAD have a show like this? HAHA

Friday, March 30, 2012

Old Hallowed Halls

I attended my sister's Recognition Day in DBS a few days back. It was the school that formed my elementary years. It's quite small now since I already grew up. HAHA 

I found the Recognition Day rites a bit boring. And to think that I've been a part of so many of those! I was actually an overachiever when I was a kid; getting all kinds of awards and medals, unlike now. But really, must've sucked for the parents who are waiting that long; mine included. Lol.

I had the camera with me that day and since I was bored beyond belief, I started taking photos; random snapshots to be more exact. Did it in black and white for a more nostalgic appeal. It's only now that I started to appreciate the schools I come from. An appreciation a bit too late, don't you think?

I miss this place. I miss being a kid. Nearest thing I'll get to being a kid is to be a kid at heart.

Go lang ng go!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crazy Saturday Evenings

Had milk tea at Moon Leaf with Nina after the Mode show. Free Chalk magazine! Whoopee!

Met up with Nicole. Even if their entry for Fashion Wars didn't win, it was still beyond awesome!

Crazy people at this awesome party! 

With Ronn Wong. He designed the blazer he's wearing! Check his blog here.

With the gorgeous girls Nina and Ashley!

Headed to The Distillery Makati afterwards for a few drinks. With my brother here. Check out the skulls!

What I wore:

Jacket from 5CM
Polo from the father
Pants from Hong Kong
Boots from Doc Martens
And my usual stash of accessories
Had an amazing, random night last 17th of March! Watched the Mode Fashion Show then headed to Silver City to the Avant Garde party with Ronn, Mikhail and my brother. We also supported Nicole, Renz, and the others for Fashion Wars. They had an awesome entry but didn't win, sadly. Afterwards, went to Greenbelt to meet with the girls, Nina and Ashley! Went to Il Ponticello then The Distillery at Makati. Got a bit tipsy pero nothing bad. HAHA. Crazy, crazy night!

Didn't have the time to color coordinate so what's on is on. Wore this vivid blue polo from the father's closet. God, I love that place! HAHAHA And this brown pair of pants went well with the color. Wore boots to give it the extra oomph. And of course, the arm candies. The jacket here is one of my fave's from 5CM, a gift from the mother. 

It's amazing how crazy one night could be! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

More Hippie Than Hip

What I wore:

Chambray polo from Gap (kids! Size XL. HAHA)
Boots from Scene
Jeans from Giordano Concepts
Aviators and accessories from Divisoria
Bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs

So this was what I wore for the Baccalaureate Mass of Class 2012 of UST. I was in no mood to dress up too much that day so I decided to pull on a chambray shirt, my usual black jeans and a pair of black boots. The usual stash of accessories also were in my wrists that day. However, what made this look different is the hippie band I made out of sheer boredom earlier that morning. It's quite random, really. Saw a pair of ribbons and a strand of raffia. Braided it then voila! A hippie band for a non-hippie outfit. HAHA

But really though. It made quite a change in my outfit. Made it a little more laidback, I think. And the balloon! The huge ass balloon was definitely the best accessory I got that day! As you can see, it's quite large; larger than my torso! Totally awesome! 

And if you're wondering what the "C" stands for, it's actually for college. Yep, College. We had 4 balloons, each representing the initials of our college namely CFAD. Yep, I'm the C, baby.

But I think in this case, the C stands for Chic! Definitely chic.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mode Fashion Show

Last March 17, Saturday, I went to school to see Mode,  the fashion show for the fashion elective students of the third year class. Set inside the minuscule AVR of our building, the set was surprisingly big and looked like a legit fashion show! Swear, kudos to the team for pulling the stage off! It was an amazing thing to see; up and coming future designers from our college showcased the best of what CFAD has to offer to the fashion industry. With the fashion industry teeming with Thomasian (more specifically, CFAD students), blood, it's no surprise that maybe one or many of these students will dominate the Philippine fashion scene in the future.

I saw lots of on going trends in the show. Themes ranging from pastels to neons dominated the runway; it was an amazing sight. And with some of my friends showing their first pieces here, I'm really supportive for this event. Also, legit models and future models sashayed in their creations. It truly was an awesome night!