Saturday, March 31, 2012

Annuale Live 2012

Last March 28, I got invited to watch SDA's Annuale Live 2012. The show featured SDA's most promising talents in different fileds such as production design, dance, music, fashion design, animation, and lots more. It was truly a great show! Really! And it's quite amazing to see what other art schools can offer. 

There was never a dull moment. It's more of a variety show actually! And you never know what's next. It was a dance number, then a choir presentation then a film showing then something next! What really struck me was that it was a celebration of talent; something we don't see very much in CFAD. You can totally tell how they have no artistic limitations.

People who know me very well are aware that I wanted to shift to CSB but I feel like I wanna finish my course here in UST first. CSB SDA's atmosphere is more appropriate for artists. I dunno, there's something in their air. You can easily express yourself there without getting your ID taken. LOL. But then it had me thinking.

I just wish CFAD was more artistically understanding.  I hope CFAD becomes a place where you can foster creative growth and not restrain it.

As for the show, bravo, SDA! Bravo indeed. 

Now when will CFAD have a show like this? HAHA

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