Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Of Fields And Abandoned Schools

Shirt from Gap
Pants from Karl Leuterio. Got it during Blogger's United!
Shoes from Sebago
Straw hat from SM Accessories
Vintage Sunglasses from the mother

For the past month, April, obviously, I've been very busy! I went to the province, did several shoots (which I'll be posting soon enough) and went to so many places! April has been an amazing month for me and hopefully May will be! So apologies for the month-long hiatus.

On the second week of April, we went to the province to celebrate the Holy Week. And when I say province, I mean proooovince! It's a 7-hour drive away from Manila my love. Lots of fields, nipa huts and carabaos. LOL. But I think the fresh air did a lot of good stuff for me. Made me feel cleaner. Even if it's only on the inside. CHOS. 

Day 1. This is what I wore. It was pretty hot that day and jeans were definitely not an option. The straw hat was a summer staple, obviously. But it was also there to cover my disastrous hair. HAHA 

There are so many fields where my parents come from so we just HAD to shoot there. And it's amazing having an audience of chickens and cows watching while you pose in the middle of a rice field. Yihee! Insane, I know!

The last shot we took in an abandoned school. Really cool place to shoot in the morning, really scary place at night. HAHAHA

More province related posts to go! It's been an insane month and I'm completely backlogged.


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