Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Forest Red's and Blues

Polo from Ralph Lauren
Tribal shirt from Crazy Eddie's
Jeans from Giordano Concepts
Shoes from Doc Martens
Glasses from SM Accessories

Second day in the province and I badly wanna go home. HAHA Kidding. Thank god we're staying at this hotel-slash-restaurant that's livable. Yep, livable. Not entirely luxurious but I can totally live with that. And besides, we're the only ones checked in. So yeah, woot woot!

On that day, (if I remember it well. haha) we attended the annual procession around town. It's quite tiring and stressful, ugh. But nevertheless, I enjoyed mingling with the people from the province. They seem to be really interested on the things I'm wearing. Which is weird for me, honestly speaking.

I wore this blue solid colored polo over a tribal shirt to balance it out. Makes each other stand out. And since my wardrobe is limited, I have to use these pants and boots all over again. Oh well. But why red and blue? Because I love red and blue! Blue, especially.

The good thing about being in the province is you will never run out of places to take good photos. I mean, these photos were taken just behind the church! Crazy, I know! Almost looks like a forest. LOL

But then again, I was in the province. There are more trees than houses. Just sayin'.

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