Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Style Origins: Designer Capsule Collections

Aside from Norman Noriega and M Barretto, several other designers featured their capsule collections during the Style Origins Fashion Show held a few days ago. Joey Samson, Sassa Jimenez, and Jerome Lorico showed a few pieces from their designs which summarized their collection. It was a real treat because prior to this show, I've only seen Sassa's pieces. Though I'm very familiar with Joey Samson's and Jerome Lorico's work, I have yet to see their pieces. And as what the critics say, it is nothing short of sheer genius. 

Sassa Jimenez's collection appealed to me in a different manner. I really liked the idea of florals for pants for men. And the tailored jackets browns, grays, and creams she showed really got me. I can totally see myself wearing them. Joey Samson's collection showed his amazing tailoring skills and eccentric take on classic menswear. The kooky headpieces were also very eye catching and so were the details on his pieces. Jerome Lorico's show, however, showed a heavy silhouette comprising of huge knitted sweaters embroidered with amazing beadwork. It heavily reminded me of European inspiration, specifically Scottish ones. I wish I could see his whole collection because if 4 pieces can send chills down my spine, what else could a whole collection do?

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