Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Schoolboy Dreams

My friends and I had a commercial shoot for some video competition they were joining in an ad agency. It was really an awesome day! I get to pose as a maestro and a call center agent. Unusual combination, I know! It's funny because I wore my boots as a maestro. But really, I guess when is creative, nothing is too weird or outrageous as an idea!

And yes, I made my Lookbook account already. Yay me!

Hype my look here:

Thanks to Ika Alegado for my photos!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Style Origins: M Barretto

M Barretto. How do I even begin with M Baretto? Firstly, I have bin an avid fan of his work ever since I saw his collections a few seasons back during fashion week. His approach to menswear is something I can really relate to. Especially his jackets. Oh god, his jackets! What more is there to ask for? Single button blazers, leather and cloth motorcycle jackets, hybrid blazers, and plaid jackets. Hot damn, I'm dying to get my hands on those! 

There is just something about his clothes that excite me. I dunno. Maybe it's the monochromatic colors or the kick ass vibe you get from the pieces. But when something is made by M Barretto, you are guaranteed to look like a superstar.

Style Origins: Designer Capsule Collections

Aside from Norman Noriega and M Barretto, several other designers featured their capsule collections during the Style Origins Fashion Show held a few days ago. Joey Samson, Sassa Jimenez, and Jerome Lorico showed a few pieces from their designs which summarized their collection. It was a real treat because prior to this show, I've only seen Sassa's pieces. Though I'm very familiar with Joey Samson's and Jerome Lorico's work, I have yet to see their pieces. And as what the critics say, it is nothing short of sheer genius. 

Sassa Jimenez's collection appealed to me in a different manner. I really liked the idea of florals for pants for men. And the tailored jackets browns, grays, and creams she showed really got me. I can totally see myself wearing them. Joey Samson's collection showed his amazing tailoring skills and eccentric take on classic menswear. The kooky headpieces were also very eye catching and so were the details on his pieces. Jerome Lorico's show, however, showed a heavy silhouette comprising of huge knitted sweaters embroidered with amazing beadwork. It heavily reminded me of European inspiration, specifically Scottish ones. I wish I could see his whole collection because if 4 pieces can send chills down my spine, what else could a whole collection do?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Style Origins: Norman Noriega

Norman Noriega's collection comprised of pieces in monochromatic hues. Draped shawls combined with flowing oversized tops with shredded details create unconventional silhouettes that are sure to make heads turn. Personally, I love his pants; black, flowy and the fit is just right. Well, I didn't fit them but looking at the models, the pants look great. And the thing about a monochromatic collection is that the pieces are versatile and would go on almost anything; as long as you have the personal style and confidence to pull it off. 

Another thing that really got me were the OS Accessories! They were the perfect accompaniment to an amazing collection. The bone pieces totally upped up the ante! I've seen several OS accessories that are currently but there are some that I've seen for the first time; like a shark teeth necklace which was just fucking awesome. 

Norman Noriega,  I have nothing but praises for you.

Style Origins: Brands


As I said in my last blog post, I watched the Men's Wear Collection in Ayala's Style Origins at Trinoma a few days ago. Brands such as Florsheim, Van Heusen, Swatch, Izod, Debenhams, Topman, Sperry, Mundo , Maldita Man, and Celio with Pedro shoes featured their new season collections in a fashion show that combined downtown dressing with stylish pieces that are appropriate for the Manila weather. I loved Topman's collection and Mundo's collection because my personal style leans to their aesthetic and design concept more. A mix of preppy and casual with a dash of color. Something I would definitely wear!

Oh. And one more thing. Aside from Enchong Dee, rising star Joseph Marco also walked the ramp in a blazer that is just beyond! I wish I knew who designed it though. Props to him or her!

Once again, thanks to Cariza, Jonver and Mamon for watching with me!