Monday, May 7, 2012

Style Origins: Norman Noriega

Norman Noriega's collection comprised of pieces in monochromatic hues. Draped shawls combined with flowing oversized tops with shredded details create unconventional silhouettes that are sure to make heads turn. Personally, I love his pants; black, flowy and the fit is just right. Well, I didn't fit them but looking at the models, the pants look great. And the thing about a monochromatic collection is that the pieces are versatile and would go on almost anything; as long as you have the personal style and confidence to pull it off. 

Another thing that really got me were the OS Accessories! They were the perfect accompaniment to an amazing collection. The bone pieces totally upped up the ante! I've seen several OS accessories that are currently but there are some that I've seen for the first time; like a shark teeth necklace which was just fucking awesome. 

Norman Noriega,  I have nothing but praises for you.

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