Monday, March 26, 2012

More Hippie Than Hip

What I wore:

Chambray polo from Gap (kids! Size XL. HAHA)
Boots from Scene
Jeans from Giordano Concepts
Aviators and accessories from Divisoria
Bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs

So this was what I wore for the Baccalaureate Mass of Class 2012 of UST. I was in no mood to dress up too much that day so I decided to pull on a chambray shirt, my usual black jeans and a pair of black boots. The usual stash of accessories also were in my wrists that day. However, what made this look different is the hippie band I made out of sheer boredom earlier that morning. It's quite random, really. Saw a pair of ribbons and a strand of raffia. Braided it then voila! A hippie band for a non-hippie outfit. HAHA

But really though. It made quite a change in my outfit. Made it a little more laidback, I think. And the balloon! The huge ass balloon was definitely the best accessory I got that day! As you can see, it's quite large; larger than my torso! Totally awesome! 

And if you're wondering what the "C" stands for, it's actually for college. Yep, College. We had 4 balloons, each representing the initials of our college namely CFAD. Yep, I'm the C, baby.

But I think in this case, the C stands for Chic! Definitely chic.


  1. the hippie band FTW :D


    1. Thanks! It was totally spontaneous! HAHA