Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crazy Saturday Evenings

Had milk tea at Moon Leaf with Nina after the Mode show. Free Chalk magazine! Whoopee!

Met up with Nicole. Even if their entry for Fashion Wars didn't win, it was still beyond awesome!

Crazy people at this awesome party! 

With Ronn Wong. He designed the blazer he's wearing! Check his blog here.

With the gorgeous girls Nina and Ashley!

Headed to The Distillery Makati afterwards for a few drinks. With my brother here. Check out the skulls!

What I wore:

Jacket from 5CM
Polo from the father
Pants from Hong Kong
Boots from Doc Martens
And my usual stash of accessories
Had an amazing, random night last 17th of March! Watched the Mode Fashion Show then headed to Silver City to the Avant Garde party with Ronn, Mikhail and my brother. We also supported Nicole, Renz, and the others for Fashion Wars. They had an awesome entry but didn't win, sadly. Afterwards, went to Greenbelt to meet with the girls, Nina and Ashley! Went to Il Ponticello then The Distillery at Makati. Got a bit tipsy pero nothing bad. HAHA. Crazy, crazy night!

Didn't have the time to color coordinate so what's on is on. Wore this vivid blue polo from the father's closet. God, I love that place! HAHAHA And this brown pair of pants went well with the color. Wore boots to give it the extra oomph. And of course, the arm candies. The jacket here is one of my fave's from 5CM, a gift from the mother. 

It's amazing how crazy one night could be! 

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