Friday, March 9, 2012

Manila Adventures: Because Alma Mater's Matter

So basically, this is where I spent my whole high school life. Yep, the good, the bad, and the awesome.

Saw these 2 murals by the entrance of the gym. They're like really huge ass paintings done by one of the teachers, I presume. This particular teacher was also one of my first inspirations to go to art school and study, obviously , fine arts. 
The person I'm accompanying to get his yearbook, Ryan. Ryan and his awesome sunglasses!

After dilly-dallying around the campus, we decided to go back to our non-expensive food trip experience! Louie Mars, a small eatery behind our school, makes some of the best fried and non-fried siomai EVER. Yep, and for 3 pesos each (it was only 2 pesos when I was in high school. HAHA), it's totally worth it! 

And can I just say, I'm seriously jealous of Ryan's bag from Paul Smith. So chica!

My 35 pesos Divi-Aviators beside Ryan's vintage sunnies. Cat's eye ang shape. In trend! HAHAHA.

This trip back to my high school alma mater is waaay overdue. I really miss high school. I think we all do. Well, some, I guess. But not all, definitely. Anyways, it's only now that I appreciate the beauty of our campus. And the teachers! Gosh, the teachers. So much memories flooding back. Especially all the high school drama. HAHAHA Definitely for the books.

If you're like me, queer and all, being in an exclusive boys school can be a real treat. Or a curse, for the unlucky few. As much as I would like to detail the things I've never done and did, it would take too much webspace. I'd need a book to cover that. Like a real thick book.

But hey, if you wanna know, you can always ask. HAHAHAHA.


  1. nice school!! Anyway, siomai here is expensive.. ahahaha!!!

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    1. Hey there! I followed you back na! :) And wow. Expensive siomai? Kaloka! HAHA