Monday, March 19, 2012

In Streaks of Blue and White

Stud bracelet and slim belt bracelet from Divisoria
Rope bracelet handmade by my friend
Studded wrap-around bracelet from Greenhills
Watch is a gift from a friend

 Sneakers from Converse x PLAY Comme Des Garcons

I wore this to several meetings a few days ago. I was with my brother for the Soleil Bazaar, went to my mom's office afterwards. Then after that, I went to Gateway to meet with some old friends and grab a cup or two of coffee. The day was really nice.

As for the outfit, I wore my fave striped sweater from Dean and Trent. It's v-neck so it kinda looks sexy but it has long sleeves so you can wear it for cold times. And it's perfect because it's not that thick. Like seriously. I think every guy should have this all around v-neck sweater that you can easily convert accdg. to the weather. Hot noons? Roll up sleeves. Chilly nights? Let it down. Easy.

The gray wool blazer is also my definite fave because it gives this very preppy appeal to most of my outfits. Makes it more formal. It's a bit thick for the Manila weather but hey, fashion can be uncomfortable sometimes.

Wore this look with sneakers and lots of accessories to dress it down. I think accessories can really make or break your outfit. And when it comes to accessories, I usually pair it with the same or complementary color of maybe my shirt or pants. Or both. It's your call, really.

And of course, the gold aviators. Goes with anything, really. But it goes really well with something striped blue and white. Nautical love.

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