Friday, March 9, 2012

Tribal Tartan

Outfit details:

Tribal shirt from Crazy Eddie. Got it from the Super Sale Bazaar 
Polo (wrapped around my waist) from Ralph Lauren
Sunglasses, Divisoria. 35 bucks lang! HA!
Straw hat from SM Department Store
Bag from Marc by Marc by Marc Jacobs
Accessories from Greenhills and Divisoria
Shoes from Scene

I accompanied a dear friend of mine to our alma mater school. He was going to claim his yearbook while I make kamusta the teachers. It was freaking hot today. As in ibang level na ang init! I'd usually wear a shirt then a polo over it. But the weather these days just make it impossible for me to layer like I used to. But then again, ang sarap pala ng sensation of having one layer of clothing on your back! It's very refreshing. HAHAHA. 

I'm not one to mix prints but the shirt and the polo seem to compliment each other in a way I can't explain. Like Sundaes and fries. Or Chippy with ketchup. Though I think I'm the only one who does the latter. HAHA. 

I also like the idea of high-low dressing. Simply put, it's mixing high-end brands with something more affordable or low-end. Honestly, combining stuff my parents bought me with the cheap stuff I bought for myself can make really interesting looks. 

It doesn't matter where it comes from or how expensive it is; it's simply how you work it.

Will post more photos on another blog post!

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