Friday, March 30, 2012

Old Hallowed Halls

I attended my sister's Recognition Day in DBS a few days back. It was the school that formed my elementary years. It's quite small now since I already grew up. HAHA 

I found the Recognition Day rites a bit boring. And to think that I've been a part of so many of those! I was actually an overachiever when I was a kid; getting all kinds of awards and medals, unlike now. But really, must've sucked for the parents who are waiting that long; mine included. Lol.

I had the camera with me that day and since I was bored beyond belief, I started taking photos; random snapshots to be more exact. Did it in black and white for a more nostalgic appeal. It's only now that I started to appreciate the schools I come from. An appreciation a bit too late, don't you think?

I miss this place. I miss being a kid. Nearest thing I'll get to being a kid is to be a kid at heart.

Go lang ng go!

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