Thursday, March 15, 2012

Varsity Blues

I'm not a big fan of varsity jackets ever since it boomed here in Manila. Ever since the varsity jacket, a once forgotten classic, became a staple in the music scene and fashion scene here and abroad, the humble school spirit artifact popped up in department stores to local brands then to the cheaper outlet stores and finally, the market scene in Divisoria. I have nothing against that, though. But when something really good, like the varsity jacket, becomes to mainstream, it loses its appeal. Bad jackets made of shiny satin and polyester garters and horribly embroidered names on the back began appearing on stalls in tiangges and markets. I sound like a hater but honestly, the lack of quality products is getting annoying.

However, when I saw these images from Tommy Ton's photo blog on, I began to rethink how varsity jackets should be worn. The problem with the Manila style scene is that they take trends and let trends dictate them. I'll post a separate blog entry for this though. 

Enough with the hate. Can I just say? The way these girls worked the varsity jacket is just on the spot. I swear. And the good thing is, they don't like the mannequins of Zara or Forever 21. You can totally see their own style and personality; the twist they put on clothing. And that is why I love Tommy Ton; he knows what good personal style is and he knows how to capture it accordingly.

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