Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Theya's 19th: No More Sober Club

The debut was held at the Blue Leaf in McKinley Hill. Shushal.

Renz, Ashley and Nicole.
Marj and Andrew. He won Best Dressed! And 3k. WOW.

Me with the blurry debutante.
With the one and only Nicole The Dressup Doll. HAHA

Me. With the boys. 

Ian and Wei, the Red Boys.HAHA

I love this photo. First shot of the night (and first of the twenty shots. HAHAHA) and the light perfectly hits my face. It's as if the shot is spreading to my face. Naks naman.

The friends with this cute Atenean guy. And he's 6 feet high! Or even higher! And he's only 3rd yr. high school. WHOA.
Nike's and Toms.

Military boots? Why not.

Heels. The party staple. 

And of course, me, after the fifteenth shot. I think. Sitting on the dancefloor, acting like a goof head. Or did I just get up from tripping? I dunno. HAHAHA
What I wore:

Blazer from Christian Dior. My dad's, back then.
Polo from Zara

Necktie from Pierre Cardin. My dad's too.
Jeans from Bench
Brogues from my dad. Everything from my dad! HAHA
And my shoes! These gorgeous vintage brogues. I love it to bits. Very 50's.
I went to this Theya Hall's mafia-themed debut last, last Saturday at The Blue Leaf in McKinley Hill. The place was amazing! Red and white feathers adorned the tables while red napkins lined the table tops. Everyone looked so posh! The guys were in suits while the girls were in these flapper-inspired dresses. It was like living in the 50's; only more modern and more stylish, I guess.

It was an amazing night! And it was actually my first time to drink. Like really drink. Not the pa-tweetums type of drinking.What started out as one shot turned into twenty. Looks like there will be no more sober club for us. HAHAHA. But seriously, I had a great night. 

It turns out we went to Amber afterwards. But I only remembered because there was a bar stamp on my left wrist when I woke up in the morning. And seeing the photos in my camera was like looking at the credits of a Hangover movie. Whoa. Like really, whoa. 

Now that's what I call a party.

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