Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mode Fashion Show

Last March 17, Saturday, I went to school to see Mode,  the fashion show for the fashion elective students of the third year class. Set inside the minuscule AVR of our building, the set was surprisingly big and looked like a legit fashion show! Swear, kudos to the team for pulling the stage off! It was an amazing thing to see; up and coming future designers from our college showcased the best of what CFAD has to offer to the fashion industry. With the fashion industry teeming with Thomasian (more specifically, CFAD students), blood, it's no surprise that maybe one or many of these students will dominate the Philippine fashion scene in the future.

I saw lots of on going trends in the show. Themes ranging from pastels to neons dominated the runway; it was an amazing sight. And with some of my friends showing their first pieces here, I'm really supportive for this event. Also, legit models and future models sashayed in their creations. It truly was an awesome night!

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