Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Printed Matters

I recently got 3 polos from a recent thrift shopping spree due to sheer boredom. Prior to that though, I was able to read in a magazine that printed polos are becoming a trend. Not that I haven't noticed it. I've seen lots of men wearing printed shirts that look so dapper and chic! Minus the floral ones worn by a particular ex-mayor of Manila though. However, that didn't stop me from trying to pull off the trend.

I saw this particular shirt because of the prominent blue stripes printed on it. Turns out the blue stripes were actually trees! And what I thought to be leaves turned out be these fabulous tiny sparrows! It's details like these that make these shirts extra special. Turns out it's from Viktor and Rolf. As you can see, there's their logo in gold on the upper left corner of the shirt pocket. And the texture of the shirt is just light! Perfect for the unpredictable Manila weather. J'adore! 

A close up of the print. Amazing details, really. 

After a few more racks of searching through dowdy shirts, I chanced upon this navy blue shirt with orange and yellow crosses. What I like about it is that it looks like plaid, but it isn't! And the color combination is just one of my favorites. I had to get it! For Php 130, it's not a bad buy! Awesome! 

When the crosses are seen from afar, it looks like plaid; even if it isn't. Such an interesting illusion. 

This particular piece caught my eye because I don't have something in my closet that's in this color. Moreover, the print was something graphic without being to overwhelming like some shirts I've seen in the past. It's actually quite small in scale; I just zoomed it in for better viewing. Somehow, it reminds me of a wallpaper in an 80's inspired movies I've seen. I just couldn't remember which one. But this shirt is something  that's definitely memorable.

It's spotted without being exactly spotted! Oh the paradox of the print. Love!

I have a feeling I'll be searching for more printed shirts soon. And when I do, I'll be sharing it here of course!

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