Thursday, November 29, 2012


This editorial has been long overdue because of my current school work and other stuff. What started out as a shoot for my school plate turned out to be a full editorial. I had lots of photos that I took that day and I decided that they shouldn't go to waste. 

Since the styling of it reminded me of Xerxes, the Persian king in the film 300, I decided that it might as well be the theme. Also, if you're going to notice, there's only one look. We didn't have enough time to restyle and make other looks because technically, we just sneaked in the photo studio in school without permission! Thankfully, no one caught us and that offense was two semesters ago so it won't matter now. Hahaha. Because of my lack of time and the diversity of looks, I just edited the photos in different ways to prevent redundancy. 

Anyways, I would like to thank Joma Bernardo for modelling, Kristin Cornejo for the hair and make up, and Lois Ruiz for helping me set up the studio and lights. Thank you so much and enjoy

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