Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Higher Respect for Local Films

Last Monday, I was invited to attend a press conference of a local film that was participating in the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival this year. I not being entirely a fan of local films (Unfortunately. Yes, I know, it sucks) wasn't really all the more excited about this since I would be coming from school on a Monday. And I"ll be going there during the rush hour. On a Monday. In a taxi. So help me God.

Ranting aside, I decided to go because firstly, I have never attended a press conference before, and secondly, it's for a local film. I haven't been really exposed that much to the Philippine film industry that much so I was hoping tat this conference may change something about that. The thing with me is I seem to have inherited our society's colonial mentality; especially when it comes to media and entertainment. I'm willing to change that, of course. I'm starting out with my fashion choices. Local media is naturally the next step so yeah. Here it goes.

Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote, at Si Ako (whew that was mouthful haha) is probably one of the more familiar movies that we see each year during MMFF. What started out as Enteng Kabisote only became a series of sequels that are consistent blockbusters each year. It stars one of Philippine TV's prominent features, especially in the local afternoon shows, Vic Sotto (who, by the way, looks like a carbon copy of my father. Hahahaha), the actor-turned-senator Bong Revilla, and another industry big shot, Judy Anne Santos. During the press con, however, only my father's look-alike came since the other two had commitments; one of them, of course, was debating that time for the passing of the RH Bill. 

During the course of the press conference, Vic Sotto explained details about the movie and answered questions from the fellow bloggers who were there. I found out so many things about the people who makes these movies. "Bossing" relayed anecdotes from the movie sets and from the people who made the film. It's really an eye opener for me honestly. If there's one thing I got from this press con, it's a higher respect for our local film makers, and a more enthusiastic approach when it comes to Philippine films.

Seeing the trailer of Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote, at Si Ako gave me a look at what audiences will be seeing when it hits the cinemas this 25th. And from what I saw, it's not at all bad. It's actually very good! The special effects are already at par with what some other international films are already producing. And aside from the amazing talent that they showed, the sets and the places where they shot the film are breathtaking. If I'm not mistaken, majority of the shots are done in the Ilocos province. Amazing really.
Now here's one kid that's definitely going to hit the theaters this December 25th!

Sorry for the lack of photos. The CD that contained them isn't working, unfortunately. Hmm, I dunno why though. Sucks.

Be sure to support the local film industry in this year's Metro Manila Film Festival. Entries will start screening at your nearest theatre by December 25. Check them out! Go Pinoy!

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