Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Into The Woulds

Yesterday, the family and I went to Tagaytay to make the most of the long weekend that started last Saturday. It feels great to be able to roll down the windows of the car and not smell the smoke that usually greets my nose in Manila. Ah, the smell of fresh pine trees; it's euphoric, really. And the great thing about going out of town is the dressing up part! Since it's a bit colder up there, I donned something thicker and cozier than I usually would in the city. I wanted a no-fuss look so I grabbed my favorite striped sweater and brown pants (my other jeans were in the laundry nyahaha), to my regret, a pair of white sneakers from Converse x PLAY CDG; my personal favorite. 

We went to Picnic Grove and expected lots of people to be there. True to our expectations, hoards of people went around in groups. It was actually hard taking an outfit shot since there would always be photobombers everywhere. HAHA. But really. And the last time we were there, we really got good shots. Check here! However, when we got to the same place, we found two lovers laying in the grass where we were suppose to take photos. Awkward. Really. In the end, we had to look for another place. We found somewhere really nice but... would we do it?

It really was a question of will power since it was somewhere risky; the perimeter of the forest grounds were fenced and it was incredibly slippery. Would we do it in the woods? I guess to be able to do great things, one would have to go out of their comfort zone, take risks, and just do it. Worked for us. Really nice photos, don't you think?

Would you do what it takes to do great things? Even if it was as simple as taking a good outfit shot.

Would you?

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