Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mountain Blues

Nothing beats a day out of the city after a week of pure stress and scholastic obligations. The family surprised me and the siblings with a trip to our place in Batangas and then a side trip to Tagaytay. It's amazing how a few hours out of the city can rejuvenate a tired soul.

The thing about these trips is that we get to dress up and it gives me an opportunity to document my outfits more since I can't really take photos of mine on a daily basis. So I go all out. And it's also these times that I get some of the best photos; photos that I can honestly say are really pretty. 

As for my outfit, I wore a chambray polo from Gap Kids in XL size (HAHA), my fave navy blue shorts from Ralph Lauren and a grey cardigan from my father's closet. The white Bally shoes are also one of my favorite things that came from my dad's closet. I love how my outfit gives of that preppy resort type of vibe which I really tried pulling off; and pulled off I did.

Hope you had an awesome weekend guys!

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