Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Bookworm Brigade

Reading books have always been one of my favorite past times and I would go to pretty much any length just to get a good read. My close friends know that I always have to check out book stores and leave me there to wander for hours. There is something about reading books that seem to take over your imagination and steal you from reality to a world that is very much unlike our own. So when Jonver, Cariza, and I had the idea to have some sort of book trading event, I knew that I simply cannot resist it. And with that, we give to you The Bookworm Brigade.

When: June 30, 11 AM to 4 PM
Where: Moonleaf Maginhawa
Why: To trade, share, donate, read, and everything else related with books of course!

It's just simple, just bring books - either you wanna share, sell, or trade. Then let's have some tea!

Bookswap - Swap your books with fellow bookworms. Get a new book and a new friend too!

Booktrade - You can sell your books here! Up to 100 Pesos only!

- Bring educational books (school books, text books, reviewers, children's books) that we can donate after! These will be donated in partnership with Global Shapers by Anna Oposa.

Books free-for-all - A place to give away your old books and a place to get a new one!

I do hope that you guys would support this event since I truly believe in the power of books. And who knows, you might get new friends from here!

For inquiries you can contact us at  @Jonver_David@JonardManilaKid@veritaserum_ 

Be there with your books! See you. :)

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