Monday, June 4, 2012

Very Terry

I wore this outfit on a rainy Saturday jam-packed with events. I actually had no plans of what to wear and just wore the things that seem ed harmonious at the moment; the red flannel shirt with the khaki jacket and brown brogues. Very warm and earthy if you ask me. The black drop-crotch harems I wore because of comfort. And they're very airy inside! Also, it gives the outfit a more interesting approach, I guess. If I wore it with typical jeans, it would look quite ordinary if you ask me.

This is actually my dad's jacket so it's a bit oversized. But I love the fact that it's cozy and really sturdy; perfect for the current weather. Since it was Burberry, I added my dad's brogues too to add to the English dandy appeal that the jacket kinda gives off.

As for the canvas bag? I'm trying to save the world. HAHA.

I just realized that it reminded me so much of Terry Richardson. Like this.

I look like a pervy photographer! Never again! LOL!

Hype my look here!

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