Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pacific Chic

I know this post is basically not in season since it's technically raining all over Manila at the moment. However, I think a nice reminder of how awesome the sun is might be good for everyone! I had these outfit shots last summer. But for some reason, my laptop refused to show it to me until now. Weird, I know.

We went to this obscure beach somewhere in the Quezon province during our stay there last April. As you can see, it was gloriously sunny that day and wearing pants was just not an option. So I did the usually unthinkable; and that's to wear shorts! I never wear shorts when I go out. I have hideous legs. Really. I'd like it snuggled under breath-restraining skinny jeans usually. But since the occasion called for something more relaxed, I had to let that go and do my thing. Nyahaha. And I totally not regret it!

The shirt is a favorite of mine. It's a shirt from a collaboration between Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons and PLAY x Comme Des Garcons. It was originally long sleeves but I didn't like it so I had the sleeves cut off. Also, the blue and white stripes just got me! Shorts are from Ralph Lauren, straw hat from Zara, gold aviators from Divisoria (ha! Cheap yeah!) and bag is obviously from Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

Hope this post brings some sunny cheer to your rainy days!


  1. Totally Chic!!

    Michael Macalos

  2. I LOVE this shoot. That is all I have to say.

    Oh, wait. I'm jealous that you can just cut sleeves off of clothes like that. I always get worried that I'll end up regretting it if I do things like that to my clothes. :s