Monday, August 6, 2012

Pop Street

Nicole Santos wearing the blazer I gave her. HAHA

Aivan Magno, the genius behind these shirts!

Aivan, Nicole, and I had a shoot (and a very spontaneous one at that. HAHA) a few weeks ago somewhere in Ortigas near Megamall. We were wearing these amazing pop art shirts sold by Aivan which is really cool, by the way. During the Super Sale Bazaar, a month ago, the shirts were a huge hit so we thought, why not shoot a totally awesome street style look with it! It was a brilliant idea, honestly. And that idea, I present to you now.

The shirts were printed with pop art from Roy Lichtenstein, I believe. I'm a huge fan of his work, honestly. Some people who love pop art mention Andy Warhol as their favorite. But Roy's is my personal pick. His choice of colors and use of bold shapes just gets the life out of me. And to have a shirt that has something inspired by Roy was just seriously cool.

I was thinking of a way to give the photos that pop art appeal. So I thought of desaturating the background and letting our outfits pop out! A pretty ingenious idea, actually. Did the post-processing too. I think it might have been a bit too much but I guess pop art really does pop!

Thanks to Aivan for the shirt and to Nicole for taking the shots! We need to have more of this often!