Monday, October 24, 2011

Michael Cinco Spring Summer 2012

With a jam-packed audience giving a standing ovation at the end of the presentation, Michael Cinco truly gave us an amazing fashion show that is sure to be a gold seller. And by gold, I mean gold, literally! Gold hued gowns bedecked in his signature crystals and beads, each piece shone as if stars were sewed onto it. Tufts of feather and probably miles of lace graced the catwalk as models clad in jaw-dropping number went out one by one in different segments. But one feature that really got out attention were the male models wearing nothing but underwear "armor" reminiscent of Karl Lagerfeld's styling in the Pirelli calendar. Truly majestic and mind-boggling; two words not often associated with one another.

The finale of the show was that of McQueenian inspiration: a female model, clad only in a sheer number with private parts covered only in crystals, slithering along with male models as a shower of water fell from the scaffolding above. Models did their final catwalk as the water continued to pour ending with a burst of golden confetti; it's as if the sky had rained stars. It was truly an amazing show and definitely worth the stress going too!

Due to traffic, I arrived late. SO yeah, wasn't able to start the show. And when we arrived, it was already halfway done. And that's not all! My memory card got fucked up so I was only able to take a few photos. Ugh. But anyways, there's still tomorrow.

See you guys tomorrow! 

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