Saturday, October 9, 2010


Jonard Palteng is currently studying in UST as a Fine Arts sophomore specializing in Advertising. He graduated from Don Bosco Technical College, a school in Mandaluyong with the coordinates: 14°35'24"N 121°1'32"E. A complete web idiot but loves walking the streets of Manila in imaginary high heels.

He loves fashion though not obsessed with it. Unlike other fashion-obsessed people, he does not eat, breathe, and live fashion; in fact, he likes to eat pan de sal dipped in nutella while his anorexic friends gasp in horror. Often utters words not known to Webster-Merriam like "patootee". "thingamajigy", and some other random hooha's. Likes shouting "Paris is a cunt!" and "Show me you teeth!" during class hours in case of boredom and boring professors. In times of extreme restlessness, watch him shake his tail feather with Bad Romance in the background.

Often mistaken as an unconvincing foreigner for his weird English accent. Has a kick ass group of friends. Loves staring at random people. Hot, random people.

Hates sketching. Loves designing. Obsessed with breathing. (I do it everyday!)

Used to blog a lot. Due to truck loads of plates and cups of decaffeinated coffee, he left the cyberspace in order to focus on his studies. But now, hopefully not for this time only, he's back on the web. World wide web, that is.

Watch me make heads turn people! Manila is the only place I wanna be.

Visit my old website and get a few laughs! It's at

Yep, I used to be a multiplier. Now I'm a blogger!

Hurrah hurrah!

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