Saturday, October 30, 2010


I sat beside Nicole Puentevella, fellow Chictopian and owner (?) of Soule Phenomenon. They have seriously amazing shoes. And she was sooo pretty in person! Very nice too.

Everyone knows who's hair is this of course. I was just sooooo amazed! The fishtails and the braids. 

Bag from Y-3, Blazer from DKNY, Polo from Ralph Lauren, Jeans from Topman

Lois, Joma, and Jane

The friends and I headed over to the Mall of Asia to feast our eyes on the men that will walk the ramp for Axe's Menswear Collection. And with it being Spring Summer, we bet there would be guys in trunks and trunks alone; a thought that is sure to excite girls, ladies, matrons and of course, the girls at heart. Well, kidding aside, of course we're there for the fashion! I mean, it's the only collection which I can personally find inspiration from (well, there's F&H and some other men's collections but more on that next time.). Obviously, I can't wear something from, like, Cesar Gaupo's collection because i'd totally look like a slut. Well, a slut with definitely good taste in clothes. LOL!

Fashion week is also the one time in the year where boys, girls and wannabe girls can dress up sooooo fasyown and no one can say anything about it. The aura of chica and stylish people all condensed into one convention center is enough to make the fashion savvy reach happiness of orgasmic proportions. Some, I guess. But not me. Just a lil bit. I do like dressing up though. I find greasy Big Macs and fatty bacon strips more orgasmic. YUM!

When you're armed with an SLR camera, you have the tendency to become a professional photographer all of a sudden. And your friends? Automatic models. We've fallen victim to that. So that's why after the show, we nudged our butts to lighted areas around MOA and had a mini photoshoot. People were staring while me and my friend Joma jumped like gazelles in front of a huge factory gate or whatever you call that. It's been a long night and, more or less, i'd be putting on my imaginary heels once again tomorrow the same time.

Well, the heels are off and the day is done. Tomorrow, we will do it again! Ah, the joy that is PFW.

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