Thursday, October 28, 2010


The Manila heat is no excuse not layer up this summer of 2011. The prevalent t-shirt-jeans-sneakers ensemble is simply not going to cut it anymore for the savvy Manila men. The menswear presented by Axe (yes, the perfume that might get you laid) shows that the time has come for Manila to become a little bit more dapper and dandy like the men of the Northern Hemisphere.

Cardigans, summer blazers and rolled up khakis are aplenty on the runway as well as on the men watching the show. Lace-up shoes and bright color hues are also spotted; it seems that the designers are encouraging the men of Le Manille to choose braver color choices for the summer.Shorts are here to stay. However; it comes in the form of rolled up khakis and above the knees which lets the men be chic without overheating. Hints of tribal and bohemian touches are also favored; as seen in the collection of Ulysses King. But is the Manila man ready for big; wide belts such as those of Nico Agustin's? I'm not sure. But then again, the gays might be up for it.

On a personal note, the bags are simply divine. Perfect for the preppy and geeky chic types. I would definitely carry one. My personal favorites were the collections of Frederick Policarpio and Bang Pineda's. Preppy without being too much of the Ivy League and yet, just perfect for the scorching Filipino weather.

As for the striped underwear and swim trunks? Good luck!

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