Friday, May 27, 2011

Bloggers United

First stop: Karl and Mike's clothes of course. Got a pair of harem pants for a hundred bucks! Sweet! Thanks Karl! Check out his blog at Totally Inkarclerating.
Cams aka the-girl-who-wore-Oxfords won a prize for wearing, obviously, Oxford shoes! A thousand pesos worth of GC's from Schu! Lucky her. Haha 
With Kookie of Death by Platforms. First photo with her I think. Nice seeing you again Kookie!
With Mama Mike. Super loved his bath robe. ECHOS MIKE! His Yukata looked like a piece straight out of Jun Jun Cambe's Holiday collection. Seriously awesome.

Working (more like pretending to work. HAHA) girls Nicole and Cams.
Two of the amazing people who organized the event! Bloggers Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums (taray!) and Melai Entuna of Style and Soul.
Met some fellow CFAD students there too! So that's me, Vince, Danica and current Student Council VP External, Nicole Santos.
Photo request! Nicole with David Guison, who everyone knows I'm pretty sure. LOL.
Mike Magallanes of Toxic Disco Boy doing his thang. LOL. Ganda mo forever! 

Jeanne Khe with my brother. Check out Jeanne's blog here. She was dressed real nice that night. Bangles all the way. LOL.
Finally, a photo with Vern Enciso of A Shoe Tale! Hello Vern. Haha 

My companions for the day: Jeanne, Neil, Cams, Nicole and Sassy.

More blogger's in action.
With Bestie Konisis of The Capricious Club! Funny story how we got this photo. We came from the restroom and she was on her way there when we asked her if we could take a photo so she had to stop. LOL! Sorry and thanks again Bestie! 
With Paul Jatayna of OS Accessories and his new awesome haircut. Haha Check out his site here.
With the Plump Pinay twins Stacy and Dana! They really show that being plump is never an excuse to be not fabulous! 

So today, the brother and I went to the Malayan in Ortigas for the Blogger's United event organized by bloggers Aisa, Ana and Melai. It was also in partnership with KIDS Foundation which was a really great idea incorporating social values with an interactive shopping experience. It was really great meeting and greeting bloggers and what's even more great is that we had the chance to buy pieces from their personal collections. It's like having a piece of that blogger (which totally sounds creepy, btw LOL) but better since you know that the proceeds of the money you gave would go to a charity. It's a totally win-win situation.

Anyhoo, had lots of fun seeing bloggers there! I really appreciate the effort of the people who organized this. The idea of a community of bloggers is so exciting! I do hope more events like this would happen in the near future. But as for now, school's gonna start soon which means I'll get my allowance already. talk about bad timing. LOL.

See you guys! 


  1. Great photos! One of the few BU documentation which had a photo of Bestie in it. She's my favorite Filipina blogger!

    Looks like you guys had a great time! I couldn't agree more with you on how exciting events like these are. Our local events people should do this more often. ♥


  2. Thanks Afianne! I heard they're gonna have another BU sometime in the -ber months I think. Would love to meet you there if ever! And I agree, Bestie is fabulous! :))