Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Woman is King: Chris Diaz Holiday 2011

The woman is truly the king in Chris Diaz's new holiday collection for 2011. Inspired by the Medieval Ages, it features clothing fit for a the modern royalty. Gold embellishments, rich dark colors paired with some battle-inspired pieces and metallic maillots are the key pieces in this collection. Metal gauntlets also made an appearance, reinforcing the concept of the woman's toughness in a modern man's world.

However, what captivated me in this collection is not the clothing alone but the concept behind it and its execution on the runway. Female models armed with metal gloves emanates a sense of the woman being a warrior; a modern day Joan of Arc. And if that wasn't enough, there was the finale: The Marina Benipayo, known by many for her grace and beauty, comes out in a gold dress; shimmering and majestic. But she wore a chain-mail helmet, an iron glove and, astoundingly, a beard. The idea of androgyny in the fashion world is not new but when pulled of in a manner such as the one done by Chris Diaz, it takes on a new level. Marina then walks with the grace of a Queen but with the stance of a King; a perfect marriage of man's inner desire for power. Once again, Chris Diaz shows us his creative genius.

And can I just say. Marina B. is one mind blowing model. Old as she may be, the younger models got nothing on her. Amazing work, I tell you. Simply amazing.

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