Thursday, May 26, 2011

FADAL After Party

Tatie, Daryl and Bea. Love Daryl's orange coat!
Seventh High before the people came. We were early birds so yeah. 
The models wearing the designs of the members of FADAL. And look, one of them, Lizanne Cua, is also in the photo. really nice lady.
Jodilly Pendre with Tatie; both from UST.
A blurry photo of me and Daryl. Checkout those cheekbones! 
Tatie with Bea.

The models on stage had tags attached to them. Literally. As in huge tags where the designer's name are written. Cheeky and ingenious! Like real-lifr Barbie (and Ken) dolls.
Levenson Rodriquez, Creatur-in-Chief of FADAL Manila and designer of seriously dashing blazers!
President of FADAL, Jaz Cerezo, wore a blue off-shoulder dress with thigh high leather boots. DAMN FIERCE!
More FADAL Designers. 
With Ann Casas!She strongly reminded me of my sister so I just had to take a photo (and a blurry one at that) with her! Love them to bits.
So I met Bjorn Bedayo that night. Really dapper, I'm telling you. Check out his blog!
More FADAL Action!

Tatie with FIP people.

And of course, our outfit shots.

I wore  a gun metal blue jacket from NA. a denim polo, Topman shirt, jeans from Giordano Concepts and Doc Martens Square Toe military boots.

After spending quite the boring morning at home, Tatie grabbed me by night from a lil bit of partying at 7th High Club where FADAL Manila held their Fashion Week After Party. Seriously awesome night! The place was jam-packed with designers, models, bloggers and more people from the fashion industry. Met some new people and reconnected with some. And I drank alcohol, for the first time. Yep, MY FIRST TIME. I'm practically alcohol-free since birth and now that I've tried it, I won't say I need it but I did like it a little bit. LOL.

So anyways, tomorrow will be Blogger's United and will definitely drop by there after the pre-advising for irregular students. Yep, I'm an irregular. Haha. 

And of course, check out FADAL Manila's website. Go there. Now.

See you guys! 

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