Friday, January 20, 2012

The Manila Adventures: Viva Divisoria!

Well hello there! I'm going to have a new section in my blog which will be called "The Manila Adventures" which will chronicle the good, the bad, and the simply what-the-hell-just-happened things that happen to me and to those people unfortunate enough to be with me. As in swear, kung kilala nyo ako personally, you know the cray cray things that happen to me. I mean, 10 hour trip to Laguna from Manila? DI BA. But anyways, will definitely start in one of my secretly favorite places to go to. And that is none other than Divisoria!

This place, MRD2 (short for Mura Dito. Smart!) , has seriously awesome finds. They carry very trendy pieces at rock-bottom prices! As in grabe. Though be warned, they carry not-legit na items from Topshop, Topman, F21 and I think Zara and H&M too. And they have also bad-ass heels! Not-legit too, some of them. But dude, if you're a fashionista on a budget, this place is definitely worth checking out.

Now this is another place worth checking out! It's called Push Thru marketing and the wonderful thing about this is that it's not the only one in Divisoria. I think there are 5, yes, 5 outlets just scattered all over Divi. There's a few in 168 and a few in Tutuban. They also have nice clothes but more on the casual side. I saw some H&M v-neck but not sure if they're authentic. I doubt. But hey, try checking it out. 

 We we're in the new area of 168 when we passed by a stall that just smelled of buttery goodness! Turns out it was the Mister Bibingka stall and maaan. I'm telling you, they have seriously awesome bibingkas! SERIOUSLY. And they're not the huge ass bibingkas but small, cutesy ones you can cup in your hand. It's only 20 pesos each and it's more than worth it. And the cheese! Gah, the cheese! BTW, the packaging is really cool too!

Wasn't planning on buying anything but this, THIIIS, is an exception. I'm currently looking for a "boy cap" since my caps are all too homo for the streets of Manila. I mean, hello, fur hats and velvet berets? Dad will never let me out of the house. Saw this one on a shelf and I just flipped for it! Snagged it and haggled it from 300 to 250. Not bad! It's perfect. It's blue and has Captain America embroidered on the front. Comicky and bad ass at the same time. Rawr. 

 I have a thing for studs ever since a particular Givenchy collection came out with studs all over it. So when I saw this particular bracelets at 40 pesos for 3 pieces, I flipped again! Like a fish! HAHA CHOS. But seriously. They're plastic though. But for around 12 pesos per bracelet, well I'll be damned. Divi has everything!

Thankfully, no transportation mishap happened to me. Usually, the jeep I'm riding will crash into another jeepney or I'd almost get run over by a 10-wheeler. And I'm used to it already. I was with my friend, Jane Sy the whole time and thanks to her positive energy, I survived without any fatal accidents. My negative energy usually attracts holdappers and snatchers of all sorts. 

Here's to more Manila Adventures in the future!


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  2. I'll definitely do more. It's time I wake up this dead blog anyway. :)) Thanks Channie! :D

  3. Jonard, you should do more of this!!! :) Very entertaining and informative. I have to visit Divisoria once I go there in Manila! :) Hope you guys can show me around, soon eh? :)

    ps. disregard my previous comment. I deleted it.

  4. Sure! We'll be your personal tour guide. :))