Monday, January 23, 2012

TSITP Theme Wear Shoot BTS. And Me, Flying.

What happens when you put a pageant shoot, outrageous costumes, loud make up artists, fasyon best friends and an achrophobiac boy? Dude, it's pure entertainment!

The CFAD candidates with the theme wear I made for them. Matt, the Greek altar boy and Chelsea, the swaggeriffic Warrior of Greece. Yes, I made those. Stress forever! HAHAHA

 The other candidates. Hanging near the ledge. I swear. Everytime someone sits or even stands near the ledge, it gives me a heart attack. Makes my heart skip a beat. Thank you, acrophobia, for replacing love. HAHA CHOS.

 Went for a laidback look today. It was pretty hot so less layers, more comfort! 

Outfit Details:

Polo: Comme des Garcon

Jeans: SM Dept. Store. 

Shoes: Sebago
Sunglasses: Pretty and Perfect Closet

Accessories: Greenhills. Hanapin nyo. HAHA

So we found these cloaks from the SOCC. And it was mahangin. ALAM NA. HAHA

 Take 1. Spread leg pose.

 Take 2. Ryan doing the "flying squirrel" pose while I do the "walking-in-the-park" pose.

 Take 3. Ryan does the "about-to-ride-my-invisible-car" pose while I do the "amputated super hero" pose.

BUUUUT. These two make up artists were not satisfied with how we were posing. So they stepped in then BAM! Kaloooka.

 Take 1. The Wonder Woman and Darna pose.

 Take 2. Wonder Woman takes flight and Darna trips on her cape.

 Ryan, forever fierce.
 And me. Forever Alone. CHOS. HAHA
 Chelsea and Matt. Super proud of these two. Seriously.

 The other candidates. CHECK OUT THOSE WINGS! 
Chelsea and Matt. I looove this shot. Even if it called for me to lie on the ground. HAHA Dedicated!

The theme wear shoot for the TSITP went nicely even if there were some delays. Bongga yung costume ng iba. I had to make these ones on my own. Stress Drilon! But nevertheless, I think they pulled it off quite well, don't you think? 

Heights may make me sick and nauseous but it well never kill my dedication. Naks. 

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