Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Velada Thomasina: A Hundred Years Back in Time

We had the Velada Thomasina yesterday and the experience was surreal and mind-blowing. Everyone was decked out in clothes from the 1900's and there were "kalesas" and "karwahes" all over. Even the priests were decked out in their traditional garb. It was amazing to see and feel how it is over a hundred years ago. The guards were even greeting in Spanish and I could have sworn I heard a group of students conversing in Spanish! 

We also had a procession all over the university and had a mass afterwards. It was quite stressful (especially for the ladies.) to wear layers and layers of clothing in this mad Manila weather. Nevertheless, the experience was a memorable one. Sobrang fasyon ng Manila dati!

As for me, I was dressed as an Ilustrado who just came from a trip to Russia, hence the furs. HAHAHA

Sunglasses: Pretty and Perfect Closet
Coat: Vintage Giorgio Armani. It was my dad's in the 80's ata. LEGIT!
Chinos: Topman

Fur hat: From somewhere.
Fur vest: From somewhere too.
Polo: Wharton


  1. uuuuhmaazing filipiniana clothes! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Thanks Melai! Wish you guys were there. I can't imagine how you'll pull of Filipiniana in a fasyon way! :))