Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Date For Three

Nicole and Aivan. They look like a couple, really. HAHAHA KIDDING.

Mirror shot. Great photobombing by Nicole Santos. Lol.

These are the fabulous sesame seeds grinder of Yabu. The smell is just heavenly. 

Ordered their Rosu Katsudon Special. And the cabbage salad is just pure love!

Wacky faces. 

Not your usual traffic-infested Ortigas streets. 

Bloggers in action. HAHA!

Aivan snacking on a donut while trying to get Wi-Fi connection.

The magazines won't read itself, you know.

Nicole, also desperate for Wi-Fi. HAHAHA

The obligatory group shot. Smile!

Last July 19, Nicole, Aivan, and I planned on having lunch at Yabu in The Atrium at Megamall. Kelly was suppose to go with us but wasn't able to because he had work that day, unfortunately. We also planned to shoot Aivan's new line of pop art shirts that are seriously awesome, really. The day was long and the sun was behind the clouds; the day couldn't be more perfect.

Ordered loads of cabbage salad from Yabu. Really, it's the only place that can make me finish my veggies. Honest! Then after lunch, we went to the overpass near St. Francis Square to do the shooting. The whole thing was spontaneous, unplanned, but totally exciting. People were staring, no doubt. We actually thought the guards would restrain us from continuing the shoot, but lo and behold, they did not! Then I remembered,  we were not in Makati. HAHAHAHA. 

After a few minutes of shooting, we decided to grab donuts since all three of us started running low on camera battery. Chilled in J. Co Donuts while they were scouting for Wi-Fi. Never really continued the shoot after wards. HAHA. But it was a fun day nevertheless.

Will post the product of our shoot soon!

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  1. We have to do this again, after the Wild Events Bazaar! #WalangPera

    I love my scouting-for-wifi-and-munching-on-doughnuts photo! Kumakain po ako. Haha

    See you soon Jonard and thanks for the photos!!