Monday, July 16, 2012

Super Sale Bazaar

 My boothmates prepping up the area and preparing their merchandise.

Accessories for 300 and below! Real awesome. And some of them hand made!

 Melai of Style and Soul. Lovin' that jacket!

 My rack. Composed of jackets, polos, cardigans and several scarves. The usual old stuff.

 My brown boots that never got sold! Lots of people liked it though. Nyaha.

 The World Trade Center tent was jam packed! Insane!

 Nicole Santos, babe and date forever. HAHAHA.

 These Doma speakers were a hit! Adorable little sound machines, honestly.

 Spotted: The fabulous Plump Pinay sisters, Danah and Stacy. Gorgeous girls, really. 

 Joanna Ladrido of Only The Marvelous. She was such a head turner during the bazaar!

Me, Aivan, Nicole, Aisa, Ana, and Vern! We're like a rock band with Vern as the lead singer. HAHAHA (photo from Vern Enciso)

 After 2 days of high prices, I decided to slash my stuff at 50% off. Yep, real cheap.

 And just like that, the end begins.

 Packed my rack. And so did my booth mates.

 People frantically shopping since it's closing time. Insane!

 I wish this was how my rack looked like. But I still had 11 unsold pieces. Oh well. 

And it's done!

Last July 13th to the 15th, the Super Sale Bazaar was held in the World Trade Center tent. It was obviously one of the most anticipated bazaars here in the Metro since a lot of people came. And by a lot, I mean, A LOT. There were so many fashionable people! Not only the buyers but some of the sellers too! It's an absolute treasure trove of different things ranging from designer items, trendy pieces, to hi-tech kitchen appliances, make up galore, and even toys. It was such an experience being able to sell here since I usually go to the Super Sale Bazaar to shop. 

I saw lots of people and friends that day! Blogger friends, high school friends and peers. I guess everyone gets together in the name of shopping. It was really fun seeing people and interacting with them; the things they like, what they look for, and many other things. All of the excitement happening under one, cozy tent. It's a more personal approach to shopping, I believe. 

The days might be tiring and the food may be pretty damn pricey, but all in all, it was a great experience. I can't wait to go to another bazaar; not only to shop but also maybe to sell!

You guys should try it some time. Lol.

Thanks to Nicole for inviting me to sell! I owe you big time!

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