Monday, July 16, 2012

Super Sale Bazaar: The Outfits

 Day 1

I needed a look that can easily be transformed into my uniform for school since I had to go to class by 5 PM that day. So I looked for a white polo and put on my usual black jeans and boots. The olive green military jacket just went so well with the boots and aviators! Very military chic which I don't really do much often. The crown of thorns also made an appearance since it complimented the gold aviators I was donning. I think I might have been inspired by Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" and "Black Jesus (Amen Fashion)". Very appropriate, don't you think?

 Day 2

Decided to mix brown and blue today! It was a bit hot on the way to WTC so I put on my favourite PLAY shirt which was a collaboration between Comme Des Garcons and Matt Groening. The brown pants plus the brown brogues pretty much completed my look. The blazer from Zara came as an after thought since it was cold inside the tent. By the way, I made the star-studded blue leather wrap myself! I can be a bit of a craftsman sometimes when I'm bored. And can I just say? These vintage brogues are just fabulous. The scuff marks and the patina looks even better in person.

Day 3

For the third day, I opted to wear something a bit darker than usual. Got my denim shirt on with my fave motorcycle jacket. And here's a trivia: this is the very first jacket that got me hooked into jackets. Really! I had it since I was 2nd year high school and it has been borrowed by no less than 20 people already. I love it to bits. Anyways, the OS black bone tie really went well with my dark themed outfit so I had to put it on. The usual black jeans and the Doc Martens made it look tough, I think. I also put on two watches because I always find myself running out of time. So why not wear two watches? HAHAHA Kidding. I have always loved the appeal of multiple watches ever since I saw Giovanna Battaglia wear it. It's a personal touch, really. The LA fitted hat really "capped" the look for me. Now if only I could wear leather in this weather, I'd be a really happy kid.

Thanks to Nicole and Aivan for taking my outfit shots!

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