Friday, April 22, 2011

Into the Wild

First stopover, Jollibee. It would've been awesome if there were few people instead of THIS many. We literally had to fight for our seats! HAHA! 

Cute! Burgi and Perky WTF. HAHAHA

We chanced upon this overturned truck with beer bottles all over. Must've crashed when it was driving through the curve.

I actually freaked a little when I glanced at this at first! But it turns out to be a statue. Oh well, I'd just have to wait every 9 pm for me to turn to one. LOL. And my fin will have all them pretty sparkly stuff. 
And we have arrived.

The family and I went to the province to spend the Holy Week in there. Awesome stuff. I feel like I'm in the wild! CHOS. Been a very long time since I was here. Everything is so small! Or maybe I just grew. And it's SUPER INIT. Grabe lang. 

We stayed at a hotel just near our provincial house. It ain't 5 star. But free WiFi, cable tv, centralized air conditioning systems and 24/7 room service makes it good enough. I have a feeling it's gonna be a tough week for me here. Of course, I ain't in Manila. Let's see what the week has in store for me. 

On a side note, the people here are very friendly! No snobs, meanies or bullies! Maybe a few people who stare, yeah. But seriosuly, everyone here's friend's with each other. And the air is cleaner. And the stars are brighter. I wish it would be the same in Manila too.

It's only day 1. And so much has already happened. I can't wait to see what other surprises will await me! Hope it's gonna be great! *fingers crossed*

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