Monday, April 4, 2011

Manila Kid: Behind the Scenes

We didn’t have a make-up artist! Jesus Christ. Thank God they knew how to paint their faces themselves with a lil’ bit of help from Jane. 

My brother, Neil, Mark Perez, the photographer and Charles, one of the models.

My brother and his silly, oversized Japanese fan he’s been slapping me with all day.

Joma wasn’t a model but that didn’t stop him from doing a lil’ modeling himself.

And he photographed too!

Kevin, Jane and Charles. Kevin looks like Kurt (from Glee) and Justin Bieber’s love child don’t cha think? And the idea of Kurt and Justin doing IT is just weird. And random. HAHA.

The entire crew (from L to R): Charles, Kevin, Neil, Mark, Alexandria, Joma, Me, and Lois.

We saw what the woman did there! Alexandria was such a head turner that day.

And of course, the founders of Manila Kid.

We had a photoshoot in Intramuros for the teaser ads of our upcoming t-shirt line,Manila Kid. It was an amazing day! We all got lost in the streets of Manila before ending up shooting in Manila Cathedral first. It wasn’t long before we were being chased by the Guardia Civil for shooting without permit. It was fun running in heels though, both imaginary and real. And we saw a Lamborghini in San Agustin. Very Italian. HAHA. 
Anyhoo, watch out for Manila Kid soon! We’ll be launching it real soon!

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