Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3rd Day

Today, we rode what the locals called the "skits". It's some sort of motorized rail cab (chos) made of wood and a motor and some benches where the passengers could sit. Definitely a proof of the Filipino's ingenuity since these railroads where meant for trains originally. 

And when 2 "skits" come face to face, the skits with the lighter load gets emptied then carried off the tracks to let the other one pass. Market produce and several other products reach far flung destinations through these.  

The relatives and I, soaking up the sun and the fresh, provincial air. HAHA. :))
Down the rabbit hole. Felt like Alice when we went through these overgrown hedges.
And when we arrived, we saw these floating bamboo cottages! How awesome is that? :D Live and swim at the same time! 
The coastline. 
The obligatory jumpshot. Chos. :))
My sister shielding her face from the sun. And the camera. :))
Cave of Wonders. Chos. 
My cousin Andy and his sour face that I taught him. :))
Me in the water.Which is a surprise, really, since I swore I won't get in the water. I'm actually afraid of the open sea. :)

Me and the cousins frolicking in the sand and making sand castles. Fine Arts against HS and Elementary. HAHA

The sea.

We went to the coastline via the skits today to experience some provincial fun. It's day 3 of my stay here and I totally don't regret going to the province. It's such a breathe of fresh air from Manila (both literally and figuratively). We rode the "skits", some sort of railroad rickshaw and was greeted by some of the locals. 

The first beach we went to was seriously small. AS IN SMALL. And crowded. So the parents decided to send us off with the cousins in another island, just 15 minutes away via boat ride. And boy, let me tell you, that was the best 15 minutes of my life! The sea, the waves, the air and the music (I was listening to Kingdom of Pretty. PERFECT!) just made the moment such the summer perfection.

After hours of frolicking in the sand and getting a sunburn instead of a tan, we rode the boat back home (still with background music of course haha) and went to the hotel to grab some ice cream and call it a day. 

Now this is the life. 

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