Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Day Out

Me and Jane, soaking up the sunlight. As if I wasn't dark enough already. HAHA.

Jane enjoying the cupcakes. VERY MUCH. LOL.

Bumped into Joma at High Street with his mom. Turns out they're accompanying his sister who's currently having a shoot at the 7th High Bar.

How I wish the whole of Manila was like the Fort. And the place is full of buildings under construction. It truly is a modern city. And a very chic one too! HAHA.

And of course, the outfit. 

Denim top, black skinnies from Folded and Hung, Doc Martens square toe boots, sunglasses from Ray Ban (mom's) bag from HK and Resin cuff from Fendi (mom's too) HAHA.

Jane, the brother and I went to the Fort to meet for the launching party of Manila Kid. Ended up eating a lot at Yellow Cab and grabbing desserts from Cupcakes by Sonja. DELICIOUS! Their Fudge Brownie is to die for. Seriously. 

Bumped into Joma and found out his sister's modeling for DynaMedia Productions. Serious awesome stuff. More Alexandria endorsement in a new blog. HAHA. 

Real awesome day. Real awesome. Too bad we had some problems getting home since Jane and Neil got separated from me. I dunno. I think it was a practical joke turned nasty. HAHAHA. Oh well, there's a first for everything. 


  1. wheee! found you finally :D was wondering what happened after your hiatus on chictopia! :D

    xoxo, ace ♥

  2. OMG I MISS CHICTOPIA LIKE CRAZY! It's been a crazy school year, so yeah. I might be back soon. HAHA Thank you for finding me! :D