Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2nd Day

Good Morning Sunshine! :D A totally scripted photo of me waking up since I usually wake up with my hair undone and my sister's hair all over my face. HAHA :))
Who knew that the light actually hurts when you open the drapes early in the morning! GEEZ. I got blinded. :|
Very vintage, don't you think? Chos. :))
We met lots of dead people that day. And I came too close with one dead person. You'll find out in  a few. :)
Awesome tree amongst the dead people's houses.

Some cool mural I saw at the local elementary school. Seriously, it's awesome! Cubism meets Patriotism? Chos. :)) But really, it's cool.
And now we know that we all look like baby whales/hippos at 40 days. :)
The school had a farm. IN THEIR BACKYARD! It's like having Farmville in your school only more realistic. HAHA :))
And finally, I have learned how to use the waveboard courtesy of my professional cousins. Oh yeah.

The facade of their parish church. Really nice. 
And the people who go there. SO MANY. But very friendly. :) 

Fake Moriones. HAHA :)) They weren't wearing the scary Moriones masks. :D 

The statues in no particular order.
Lots of people attended the procession. 
Now that's a real Moriones! My fright is concealed by my over-sized not-so-pearly whites. :))

So this is my day 2 of staying in the rurality that is Lopez, Quezon. :D I'm currently subsisting on room service, good food and free WiFi. So far, I'm enjoying my stay. :> Maybe except for the fact that I saw a live skull (well, a real one, not a live one lol) up close. One with the hair still on and some flesh still intact (which is pretty horrifying). :| It scared me to hell since I was able to capture it accidentally and when I saw it, let's just say the whole province heard my scream already. :)) HAHA 

Anyhoo, going back. After screaming the hell out of the cemetery, we went to the local elementary school where my mom used to study when she was a kid. Good times, good times. :) Saw this seriously far out murals which was really artistic. And I learned how to wave board there! When lunch was done, we had a quick wash up at the hotel and headed on to the church (which was really cool btw) and got stares from the locals. But I did hear something like..

Local Kid 1: (stares at me and my bro) Huy, di ba mga taga-Japan yang mga yan? (brother waves his oversized fan at them)(local kids stare in awe)
Local Kid 2: Oo! Pakinggan mo, nag-Eenglish eh! Taga-Japan nga!

That was just weird. And funny at the same time. :)) 

Proceeded to the procession after and took a shot of a true Moriones. All in all, it was an awesome day. 2 more days and I'm outta here. Until then, wish me luck!

P.S. I saved this as a draft and forgot to post it. I have a memory of a goldfish. HAHA Kidding. :))

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