Monday, April 18, 2011

View from the Middle

My view from the middle seat. I hate sitting there. HATE. Makes me feel dizzy and queasy at the same time. Perfect for bulimia. CHOS.

The jumpshots.

The pool.
The pool from my sunglasses' point of view. LOL.
The lounging mother. What else can I say? HAHA.
The mini-pool. For mini-people. 
Found this vacant resort area thingy with lots of awesome rock formations and other chenes stuff. 
So we had to shoot. Silly me, wearing boots and sweaters during summer. Guess who got burned at the back of the head by lying on the sizzling rocks. Yep, I am. I am. HAHA.
The playground.
More shooting on the playground. LOL.

We packed our bags and asses early Sunday morning to go to Tagaytay for a day out under the sun. Went with some of our mother-side relatives since her sister came from the US. Knowing too well how my skin easily darkens, I resisted the urge to swim. So yeah, I'm the family kill joy and their source of entertainment especially when they try taking turns pushing me into the pool to no avail. HAHA.

We did a spontaneous shoot there too. I wonder why I even brought boots with me. AND A RED BLAZER. Jesus. WTF WAS I THINKING. Whatever it might be, thank God I did. And the brother brought this large Japanese fan! COOL. Will blog the photos tomorrow!

And seeing the world through my sunglasses are awesome. That's why I used it as some sort of improvised camera filter with cool results. Will definitely do this more often.

The family members had a tan. Guess who had the sunburn? HAHA Y'all know who that dumbie is. HAHAHA

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